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Mrs. Julia Luk

Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
  • M.C.S. (Counselling) (CGST, HK)
  • B.A. (Psychology) (U Ottawa, Canada)
  • B.So.Sc. (Social Work) (HKU)
  • Cert. in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (CityU, HK)
  • Professional Cert. for Supervisors in Counselling (HKPCA, HKPU)
  • Cert. in Somatic Experiencing(
  • Enneagram Training Program(
  • Nurturing the Gifted and Talented Extension Course (HKPU)
  • Associate Fellow (HKPCA)
  • Approved Supervisor (HKPCA)
  • Certified Counsellor (HKPCA)
Mrs. Julia Luk is a psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in individual, marriage and family therapy. She is an Approved Supervisor, a Certified Counsellor and an Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA). After graduation from The University of Hong Kong in the early 80s, she worked as a social worker offering counselling to individual and family in crisis or trauma. She then pursued further training in theology and counselling at China Graduate School of Theology. During her subsequent years of working at Breakthrough Counselling Centre, she dedicated herself to offering psychotherapy to people with emotional disturbance and personality issues. Meantime she was one of the pioneering workers in Hong Kong in promoting and conducting pre-marital counselling. Starting from 2000, she worked as a psychotherapist in private practice.

Mrs. Luk is compassionate and patient in working with people in trauma. She keeps on doing reflection and integration of psychotherapy and soul-caring to bring about service to people in the most appropriate way. She has received professional training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, clinical supervision, somatic experiencing (trauma therapy), enneagram training, parenting for the gifted and talented children. She is now receiving training and supervision on sandplay therapy and dream analysis.

In her clinical work, Mrs. Luk adopts psychodynamic approach, somatic experiencing, sandplay therapy, dream analysis and systemic family approach in doing psychotherapy. She works extensively with adults and adolescents who suffer from mental and emotional disturbance (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, schizophrenia), sexual trauma, sexual orientation conflict, childhood trauma, personality disorders, relationship conflicts and parenting difficulties. She is experienced in helping families having children with special needs, such as, being gifted and talented, having Autistic Spectrum Disorder, dyslexia, sensory integration disorder.

Mrs. Luk believes suffering and blessings are paradox in life. In confronting the shadow in our life and tapping the energy in the pain, we encounter the blessings in disguise and find the way to transformation. It is the mission of Mrs. Luk to journey with people to help them to live the contradictions in life and to help them to live through the pain and suffering to reach a transformed and enriched life.

Mrs. Luk has considerable experience in providing clinical supervision. She is a clinical supervisor at Breakthrough Counselling Centre. She also conducts clinical supervision and training to other practising counsellors and therapists on individual and group basis.

Mrs. Luk is a visiting psychotherapist at Evangel Hospital. She offers psychotherapy to patients and the hospital staff, and also conducts workshops to the staff and the public. Mrs. Luk is a visiting lecturer for ladies theology studies at Baptist Seminary and China Graduate School of Theology. She was an appointed group facilitator in premarital counselling camps of Breakthrough Counselling Centre for many years. She delivers talks and conducted workshops by invitation on self development, emotions management, courtship, marital enrichment and parenting.


  • 基督教研究碩士(輔導)
  • 文學士(心理學)
  • 社會科學學士(社會工作)
  • 心理動力治療證書
  • 臨床督導證書
  • 體感療癒(創傷治療)專業證書
  • 九型人格培訓課程證書
  • 啟廸資優課程證書
  • 香港專業輔導協會副院士
  • 香港專業輔導協會特許督導師
  • 香港專業輔導協會認證輔導員
陸忻紅珠女士,私人執業心理治療師,為個人、婚姻或家庭受困擾的人仕提供專業輔導及治療, 在輔導專業上有超過二十年的經驗。她現為香港專業輔導協會的特許督導師、認證輔導員及副院士。 她早年畢業於香港大學社會科學系,曾任職社工,從事個人成長、創傷及危機家庭的輔導。 其後於中國神學研究院接受神學及輔導訓練。畢業後於突破輔導中心任職心理輔導員, 專長於輔導受情緒困擾及性格發展障礙的人仕;同時她也是在香港推展婚前輔導的先導者之一。 自2000年起陸太私人執業。

陸太能以憐憫、耐心輔導身心靈受創的人仕。她對心理治療及心靈關顧多方反省整合, 為提供最適切的幫助予受導者。她先後接受各項的專業訓練,包括心理動力治療、臨床督導、 體感療癒(創傷治療)、九型人格及啟廸資優等專業培訓。近年更在沙盤遊戲治療和夢境分析 方面廣泛接受國際沙遊治療師及臨床心理學家的密集培訓。

陸太採用心理動力治療,結合體感療癒(創傷治療)、沙盤遊戲治療、夢境分析和系統家庭治療來幫助受導者。 她專長於處理情緒及精神困擾(抑鬱、焦慮、創傷後壓力、精神分裂等)、性侵犯創傷、性困擾、童年創傷、 性格發展障礙、人際關係困難。她對家長輔導亦甚具經驗,特別是有特殊需要的孩子的家庭,例如資優、 自閉症候群、讀寫障礙、感覺統合失調。

陸太相信苦難與祝福是生命弔詭性的兩面。人若挑戰生命的陰暗面,激發內在的能量,就能體驗苦難背後隱藏的祝福, 尋獲轉化生命之道。她的使命是與受導者同行,幫助他們面對生命的矛盾,從人生的受苦和傷痛中, 活出轉化而豐盛的生命


陸太現時亦到訪播道醫院,為病人及員工提供輔導及心理治療,並為他們及公眾人士舉辦有關心理健康的工作坊。 她擔任浸信會神學院及中國神學研究院的客席講師,教授婦女成長課程。她曾應邀在突破輔導中心擔任婚前輔導營會的導師多年。 她亦應邀主領有關自我成長、情緒管理、拍拖戀愛、美滿婚姻及教養子女的講座及工作坊。