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Dr. Leung Wai Yin, Amy, Ph.D. received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, California, and completed her Clinical Psychology Internship at the New York University-Bellevue Hospital Center in New York. She is the first member of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) in Hong Kong and she is the founding chair of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association. She also founded and coordinated the first Jungian Group in Hong Kong from 1999 to 2003, and the group later developed into the Hong Kong Institute of Analytical Psychology. She had been a clinical supervisor at the Breakthrough Counseling Center and the Chinese YMCA Counseling Unit. Dr. Leung has served as a clinical psychologist at the Adolescent Medical Center of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Hong Kong Psychotherapy Center. She was an Honorary Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Medicine at the University of Hong Kong and a council member at the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS). As the founder of the Progression Psychological Practice, she is specialized in psychological assessment, individual and family therapy. Dr. Leung has worked extensively with people who suffer from depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, sexual orientation conflicts, severe marital problems and with adolescents who are in crisis.

梁慧賢博士 於美國加州Fuller心理研究學院取得臨床心理學博士學位,並在紐約大學醫療中心及Bellevue 醫院完成臨床心理學實習。她是國際箱庭療法學會 (ISST) 在香港第一位會員,並且是香港沙遊治療學會的創會主席。 梁博士創立及統籌香港第一個容格心理學小組(由1999年至2003年)及後該組發展成為香港分 析心理學會。梁博士曾任伊利沙伯醫院青少年醫療中心、香港心理治療中心臨床心理學家一職及突破輔導中心及香港中華基督教青年會輔導組臨床督導。她曾擔任香港大學院社區藥物系的榮譽助理教授及香港心理學會委員。梁博士是偕行坊心理中心的創辦人,專長於心理評估與個人及家庭治療,對處理抑鬱、焦慮、精神分裂症、厭食/暴食症、性取向引起的衝突、嚴重婚姻問題及危機中的青少年等甚具經驗。