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CHOW Suk-yee, Carol, received her master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Hong Kong.

  • She has served as psychological counselor for about 10 years, over 4 of which at Breakthrough Counseling Centre and 2 at Save the Children HK.
  • She began her private practice over 6 years ago.


  • Ms Chow specializes in handling families in crisis or individuals who suffered from traumatic experiences.
  • She has considerable experience in providing counseling for individuals who suffered from depression, anxiety, sexual abuse and emotional disturbance.

Supervision experience:

  • Ms Chow served as clinical supervisor for a group of volunteer counselors at Breakthrough.
  • She also conducted varies personal growth groups, talks and basic counseling skills training.
  • She acts as Part-Time Lecturer in City University to supervise fieldwork placement students in social work over 4 years.


  • Ms Chow believes that the major task of counseling is to enhance the awareness of clients towards their disturbance and then facilitate them to make changes to their own benefit.
  • From 2006 up to now, Ms Chow has received extensive clinical supervision and training from clinical psychologists and overseas sandplay therapists in the areas of dream analysis and sandplay therapy.


  • In 2009, Ms Chow and Dr. Raymond Au co-wrote a Longman New Senior Liberal Studies textbook, name as “Interpersonal relationship”
  • In 2010, she wrote a book name as “Extremely Boredom” to explore boredom emotions.

周淑儀 女士 於香港大學取得社會工作學碩士,她作心理輔導員有十年之久.

  • 她曾於突破輔導中心任職心理輔導員四年多,亦曾於香港救助兒童會擔任個案工作員二年.在二零零七年,開始私人執業.


  • 家庭危機問題,如子女不上學或有自殘的行為。
  • 個人創傷後遺症,如抑鬱、沉溺行為、焦慮等困擾。
  • 具有豐富經驗去輔導患有抑鬱症、焦慮症或受性困擾之人士。


  • 周女士在突破輔導中心擔任義工輔導員督導有三年多。
  • 十年來,她亦帶領不同形式的成長小組、教授基本輔導技巧課程及為不同學校提供講座。
  • 由二零零六年開始,周女士一直任職城市大學部份時間教授,負責督導社工學生實習課程。


  • 周女士相信透過心理治療,能幫助心靈受困擾的人體會困窘的真諦,從而引發由內而外的轉變。
  • 四年前偶然走進「沙遊治療」領域,開始研究潛意識與個人情緒健康的課題。
  • 四年來,周女士接受不同的國際沙遊治療師及臨床心理學家的密集訓練及個案督導。


  • 在二零零九年,周女士與區祥江合作撰寫朗文新高中通識教育課本《人際關係》一書。
  • 在二零一零年,周女士出版一書《無聊到底》探索沉悶無聊的情緒狀態.